Ranavat Botanics

Ranavat Botanics creates luxurious, efficacious skin treatments inspired by the beauty traditions developed for India’s lavish royal families.  Her treatments are handcrafted in the USA and housed in beautiful in UV protected glass jars to preserve their inherent vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.  Discover Your Royal Ritual as you uncover skin treatments as rich in texture as they are in history.

The founder    : Michelle Ranavat founds that working with the fewest number of ingredients yield the most noticeable results. When the ingredient list is carefully edited, each botanical has the ability to shine and make an impact on your skin.

When you use only the purest botanicals, the last thing you want to do is hide them with fillers and unnecessary additives.

Michelle extracts each botanical in the method that preserves its healing properties.

– Oils are always cold-pressed (using heat extraction reduces the potency).

– Essential oils are steam-distilled. They need them over 150lbs of fresh jasmine flowers to make a single ounce of Jasmine essential oil.

– Masque collection is created from powdered botanicals. Much like a spice, they come to life with their skin soothing properties in the exact moment you use them.
You will immediately notice the difference between a powder masque and a ready-made masque in their impact on your skin

– Each treatment is certified by either the USDA or Made Safe, verifying they used all non-GMO ingredients and certified organic where possible.
Most  ingredients are actually edible.

Ranavat Botanics