Isabel Poetics skin sensation


Poetics Skin Sensations

POETICS SKIN SENSATIONS is a brand created and handmade in Spain by Isabel Solis Coto, with ingredients only organic and raw.
Its products do not contain mineral oils, preservatives, dyes or artificial fragrances.

It’s a vegan brand and no tested on animals.


The creator: Frustrated to discover that conventional cosmetics offers only a list of ingredients (mostly chemical, toxic and synthetic) endless, indecipherable and often unnecessary, Isabel begins to ask questions.
The story of his project begins with this frustration and then with the search for perfect products to treat and cure his own skin which is extremely sensitive. Isabel had been suffering from atopic dermatitis since small and she tried to keep rosacea under control for years.
All this led him to become a pharmacist, specializing in dermatology and cosmetology.
Isabel began to improve her knowledge of the benefits of plants, herbs and vegetable oils and discovered the incredible therapeutic properties of aromatherapy.

Her dream: a natural cosmetics, pure and respectful of your skin.
At that moment, there was no turning back.
In her mind, there was only one goal: to create the products she was looking for as a consumer. Create an honest and clean skin care line made from natural and organic ingredients and focused on unethical people looking for something different. People as demanding as they only accept the best to take care of their skin.


His desire is simple: to offer a natural skin care as luxurious, effective and organic as possible. To achieve this, she develops her products in a totally artisan way, with care and attention. She always thinks particularly of skin as sensitive as hers.
Isabel also tries to innovate and reflect her passion for what she does in each product she offers, creating delicious and attractive formulas with the intention of encouraging you to enjoy your beauty ritual every day.


So, she has created 4 collections with different colors and adapted to the needs of your skin:


The blue gamut: Is your skin so delicate that it irritates at the slightest stimulus and you feel it redden easily? Your best ally is Blue.

The green gamut : Do you feel that your skin has lost its balance and you cannot keep the annoying shine and imperfections under control? You will become addicted to Green.

The yellow gamut : Do you often feel your skin is tense and tight or you notice it feels thirsty, dull and lacks luminosity? Shine again with Sunshine.

The pink gamut : Do you feel your skin has lost its firmness, smoothness and elasticity and that the signs of aging make you sometimes lose your self-confidence? Trust in the power of Roses.