O’o Hawaii

O’o Hawaii uses only the most beautiful, high functioning superfood level ingredients from nature that are from non-GMO sources and when available, are grown organically in Hawaii. Filler ingredients with virtually no benefit are never used.


– To preserve and protect skin, O’o Hawaii uses:

– High Functioning Ingredients From Nature

– Zero Chemicals

– Vegetarian Ingredients Only (no animal testing)

– Superfoods From Hawaii

– Zero Artificial Fragrances

– Natural, Healing Crystals

– Zero GMO’s

– Organic Ingredients

– Zero Artificial Colorants

– World Class Formulation Specializing in Natural and Organic Formulas

The creator: Holly Harding, has studied over 100 dietary theories with the country’s top experts in holistic health and nutrition. A highly sought out holistic health and nutrition coach and food for beauty expert, she is well known for her mind/body transformation program, The H Lyfe Method®.


Based on her belief that beauty starts from within with a diet of nutrient rich, unprocessed and unrefined foods from nature, Holly created O’o Hawaii as a way to accomplish beautiful, glowing, ageless skin through a combination of diet, supplementation and highly functional skincare.

O'o Hawaii
O'o Hawaii
O'o Hawaii