The origin of Brùme

My parents were already convinced at that time that i would become a cosmetic critic. Of all my senses, the sense of smell is the most developed one, it is probably related to my nostalgic way to be. It brings me back to all my buried memories.


My thirst for knowledge but especially this uncontrollable passion that I have, led me to deepen, read,study and test on me plenty of products. I did a training in Ayurvedic medicine/beauty, and I became a point of reference for my friends, to whom I offer on any occasion, a little treasure of green cosmetics. And from all this, came the desire to put my passion at the service of others. Slowly, the idea of converting this passion into a profession settled at the same time as the desire to share my expertise grew.


First nurse in psychiatry then therapist, I finally decided to open my E-shop to devote myself fully to my passion for natural cosmetics.

Memory is intimately linked to scents…

The Shop

Brùme evokes a veil of lightness, a sweet caress, the voluptuousness of a wonderful moment. Brùme wants its customers to find products that will make their bathroom their own spa.


Much more than an e-commerce, Brùme offers you an universe. A place where there are beautiful cosmetic brands handpicked, where art and cosmetics are one.

Craftsmen, artists, manufacturers, strong links, common aspirations :

Brùme selects exclusive products created by artisans, artists, made with an exceptional quality so that your time spent in your bathroom is transformed into a real sensory ritual.

Behind each brand, there is a passionate creator who has a story, a philosophy. It is really important for Brùme to select these brands with authenticity.

Nice packaging is also an integral part of Brùme’s philosophy.

Because a healthy formula is often much more effective, in your Brùme’s shop, there is only natural/organic care in the compositions, concentrated in assets and effective.

The synthetic ingredients contained in conventionnal beauty products have no benefits for our skin, while there are vegetable oils and botanical actives with undeniable effectiveness.

Consultation / Expertise Brùme

It’s not always easy to order cosmetics online. Therefore, I accompany you every day by email or phone to answer all your questions.
I know my products perfectly, Brùme is like my bathroom : I TEST AND APPROVE all the products before proposing them on my e-shop.
I can propose you discovered formats (custom made) to buy, for the products you would like to try before buying.


Also, at the time you order, you can ask me to test for free some products with which you don’t dare to take the plunge yet. So you will be able to feel, to touch the texture, and make your own opinion.

Be enveloped in mist of these products with smells, textures and addictive effects.



Free 48h Delivery from 60€ purchase for France


Receive up to 5 samples made to measure in each order


Jane will answers to all your beauty / routine analysis questions: