Interview with Holly from O’o Hawaii

We are so pleased to present our very first interview with Holly, the founder of our green beauty brand : O’o Hawaii

“check my e-mails for any emergencies, then I try and get a workout or surf in..”

Holly lives in Hawaii. She is a highly sought-after health and nutrition coach. She is an expert in green beauty, she is also well known for her body and mind transformation program. Holly is an incredible surfer and created the O’o Hawaii brand, a brand that makes us dream with its scents and textures, available on Brùme. And you’re certainly not going to see the O’o Hawaii brand the same way again. Probably it will add exoticism to your bathroom as soon as you open your new O’o Hawaii brand product.

Now, I share with you without further ado his answers :

  • What’s your song of the moment?    Heartstrings de Kolohe Kai  ♪

  • Your morning routine ?    My dogs have been waking up super early lately and demanding breakfast. Like literally swatting me in the head with a paw, rolling all over me and standing on my stomach to get me up. Rescue dogs are all about making sure you don’t forget to feed them ! Ha Ha ! So I’ve been getting up around 6 :00am to feed and walk them. Then I make coffee, check my e-mails for any emergencies, then I try and get a workout or surf in. Then it’s back to work !

  • Favorite place in Hawaii? Right where I live. Sunset Beach. ☼☼

  • A destination of your dreams? I would love to take a surf trip to South America.

  • A cult movie ? Waitress and Riding Giants

  • Any great beauty advice you can give us ? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not only through topical moisturizers but by eating foods that have high water content. Also, use a gua sha tool. It is a very inexpensive way to create collagen and instantly refresh skin.

  • Your favorite beauty product ? Birdbath Cleansing Balm and The Golden Nectar.

  • Your heroes ? Jane Goodall, Anyone who speaks out against the heard mentality.

  • What do you do during lockdown ? Surf, skateboard, work out, sing/play music, play with my doggies, walk my doggies, helping rescue abandoned and surrendered dogs.

What do you do during lockdown ? “Surf … helping rescue abandoned and surrendered dogs.”

  • A family recipe you particularly like? Who was cooking it? Eggplant Parmesan healthy style made by my hubby!

  • Your crush on Brùme Cosmetic :  I will admit I’ve drooled over Wildcrafted Organics a time or two ! 😊

Marque bio
The Wildcrafted Organics brand, Holly’s favorite on Brùme

”  An O’o Hawaii face care routine is all about sensoriality, care, and most of all, lots of fun and color. Special attention is paid to each ingredient. It’s a perfect balance between perfect compositions with a record concentration of active ingredients and pleasure in use. And above all, innovative textures and quick and visible effects on your skin.  ”     Jane, founder of Brùme


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