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Jane founds BRUME, animated by a desire for beauty and conviviality : to share her passion for the world of natural cosmetics, in a soothing, warm, clear and transparent website.


Brùme universe


She designs her E-shop as a place dedicated to all women and men, where foreign cosmetics, adapted to all different skins, become accessible and open to all.


Effective skin cares, with scents, textures, suitable for both men and women.


The prices are justified by an exceptional quality. None of the products contain filling ingredients (like water for example) and all of them can last a very long time (a few drops per application are enough for oils, the size of a pea will be more than necessary for balms).


Jane has sought out all over Europe, (even) in the world of beauty brand creators with a real know-how, to select valuable products.


She is looking for craftsmanship and tradition that naturally give you emotion when using your care.


To meet the faces behind the brands that will be part of your daily life, prettifying it, click on the brands item.


There is a Danish term « Hygge », a positive state of mind proclaimed by a time deemed comforting, pleasant.


That is exactly this experience Jane wants to share with you when you receive one of her packages.


With Brume, this term takes the form of an oil, a cream, or a lipstick that can be carried everywhere.


At the origin of Brùme, there are scents : the ones of a perfume, a cream, an oil belonging to a friend, to a family member, that we remember having felt, tried, retried in their bathroom...


Apply a nice lipstick with a harmless composition,


Massage an oil with the perfect touch on your face,


Take care of your hair with an evanescent oil, Let yourself be carried by the enveloping softness of a balm, by the aerial textures of a cream, the clouds of a mist, the lightness of a powder…


To express the supreme beauty of our mind, of our body as it is naturally.


With products which stop the time : look at yourself differently, with gentleness and kindness.


An invitation to travel within ourselves

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